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Our story


We are Lilla and Amarilla and welcome to a creative mother-daughter project that encourages an open eye and heart.  Lilla is a violin teacher and since 2007 she has deepened her desire for watercolor painting.  Amarilla is a student of education at the University of Vienna and is creative in dance and writing.

2020 has been an extreme year, we have to admit it, but we owe a lot to it, as it has made us realize how little time we spend together and that we want to change that.  


The idea of a mother-daughter project often came up in our conversations, as we both like to create and we complement each other in many areas. We look forward to completing this project from our bucket list.

I stop, I look around

Our primary inspiration is nature, our environment, the forest, the flowers, but we are also happy to turn to cultural values. Folk tales, folk songs and beautiful Hungarian words occupy a special place in our hearts.

Our respect for and admiration for nature is very similar to the Japanese "wabi-sabi" conception of life, the essence of which is appreciation of the beauty of nature and acceptance of imperfection.  The appreciation of the beauty of the changing seasons and the passage of time leads us to slowdown and peace.

We stop, look around, slow down, look at the world around us with reassurance, so that we can gain a new perspective and realize what is really important to us.



Once upon a time, there was a mom who once read a lot of tales to her three-year-old daughter. The little girl learned the most interesting stories, including "The Marriage of Bíborka" about a bunny's wedding.

The little girl recited the tale with great enthusiasm, and when she got ready for the wedding, she emphasized:
- Her wreath was decorated with orange flowers, her veil was woven by maguk (which means by themselves in Hungarian).

"Spiders," Mom corrected. - The veil was woven by the spiders themselves.

"The veil was woven by maguk ... the spiders ..." the little girl continued. Although she never understood why spiders were needed. For maguk (for themselves), these fairy forest creatures woven a magical veil, conjuring a wonderful day for Bíborka.  

The mom just laughed and has been laughing ever since. Now they laugh together and tell their stories to everyone.

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